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From the smallest details to the biggest wows we had that crowd on their toes and with their hearts pumping. Working with you guys has been an absolute highlight of this entire process, thanks for standing by our side from the beginning of this wild ride a few months ago and helping us navigate all the twists and turns. The entire team is incredibly happy and proud of what we accomplished.

You are on top of every detail, tiny to huge, and just when I think I can’t possibly handle one more minutia you come up with something else and have a solution. This project is a bear and I cannot thank you enough for being such a valuable and helpful partner in it all.

I do not believe this note will do justice to the thanks I want to give to the entire Ray Bloch team for your creativity, vision, passion, enthusiasm, and tireless effort to make the launch not just an amazing meeting but truly a transformational experience for all who attended. Many have stated that this meeting has ignited a cultural shift in our organization and has truly set the tone for how launches need to be executed.

I cannot thank you enough for everything you did to make the conference come together.  You were the voice of calm, the wrangler of designers, the keeper of the budget and so much more.  And in addition to all this, we really enjoyed working with you!!!   You were always positive, ready to go and open to any challenge we threw at you. I could have asked for nothing more for a partner.

Yesterday was absolute perfection...magic as I hoped and dreamed. Bigger and better than anything I could have imagined... I’m walking on air...thank you a million times!

Thank you for your poise, patience, and partnership. Truly. We are a small crew and having you on the team made it feel like a village. It was a transition year for sure, and across the board — from our editors to guests — all the feedback we received on the production was overwhelmingly positive.

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