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From the smallest details to the biggest wows we had that crowd on their toes and with their hearts pumping. Working with you guys has been an absolute highlight of this entire process, thanks for standing by our side from the beginning of this wild ride a few months ago and helping us navigate all the twists and turns. The entire team is incredibly happy and proud of what we accomplished.

You are on top of every detail, tiny to huge, and just when I think I can’t possibly handle one more minutia you come up with something else and have a solution. This project is a bear and I cannot thank you enough for being such a valuable and helpful partner in it all.

I do not believe this note will do justice to the thanks I want to give to the entire Ray Bloch team for your creativity, vision, passion, enthusiasm, and tireless effort to make the launch not just an amazing meeting but truly a transformational experience for all who attended. Many have stated that this meeting has ignited a cultural shift in our organization and has truly set the tone for how launches need to be executed.

I cannot thank you enough for everything you did to make the conference come together.  You were the voice of calm, the wrangler of designers, the keeper of the budget and so much more.  And in addition to all this, we really enjoyed working with you!!!   You were always positive, ready to go and open to any challenge we threw at you. I could have asked for nothing more for a partner.

Yesterday was absolute perfection...magic as I hoped and dreamed. Bigger and better than anything I could have imagined... I’m walking on air...thank you a million times!

Thank you for your poise, patience, and partnership. Truly. We are a small crew and having you on the team made it feel like a village. It was a transition year for sure, and across the board — from our editors to guests — all the feedback we received on the production was overwhelmingly positive.

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The NYC Event Expert Collective

There’s a difference between putting on an event and hosting an experience. Our clients enjoy the value of working with our organization because we deliver the personal attention of a small company with the quality and creative prowess of a large collective. They often assume we’re much bigger than we are.

We believe the way to create an amazing live event experience is to begin with an equally incredible client experience. We acknowledge and are grateful for the fact that our clients invest their resources with us to have a live event.

At Ray Bloch Productions, we believe our clients deserve impactful, meaningful events that give them the greatest value for their spending — their objective becomes our mission.

For a successful corporate event, you need easy, organized, collegial planning and process execution; we give you all of that and more.

Our NYC Live Event Production Company Services

We offer a wide variety of services related to event planning, including:

Creative and Content Development

Our creative and content development services include theme and scripting, media creation, scenic and environmental design, and more.

Budget Management Service

Our event production services also involve detailed line-item budgets that are guaranteed, along with a transparent budget paper trail as your event project progresses.

Technical Production Services

You won’t find more helpful technical production services anywhere else! Our services include audio, lighting, and projection design and management. We also provide virtual event management.

Talent Management Services

When it comes to talent management, our team offers both consultation and booking services. Organization, planning, and rider fulfillment are just a few of the services we offer when it comes to talent management.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Event Production Company?

Planning an event is no simple task, and it’s also one that most corporate professionals don’t have time for. Why? Because they have their own jobs to do, and we get that!

Professional event production companies like Ray Bloch Productions can handle every task related to organizing events, some of which can include:

  • Video capture and display
  • Audio engineering
  • Lighting
  • Staging
  • Speaker support
  • Catering

We know how important it is for you and your brand to put on an event that resonates with your audience and effectively tells your story. It’s all about the experience, and we are NYC’s pioneers in creating actionable experiences that continuously raise the bar for event planning as an industry.

When you hire our event production company in New York City, you give yourself breathing room to focus on other important things, from creating your event’s marketing plan to finalizing your guest list. Some of the valuable advantages of letting us handle your event include:

Creativity and Originality

Not everyone is able to bring high-impact creativity to the table for events, which is why they leave all of that to companies like us. You’ll be able to benefit from the experience of a team that can bring your vision to life.

Time Saved

The amount of time necessary for planning events is enormous; so many things need to be considered, and so much is on any event producer’s plate at any given time.

Inconveniences are invariably part of the territory, but with professional event-planning gurus like us, you won’t have to spend dozens of hours worrying about any of it.

No Logistical Headaches

In addition to managing all aspects of event production and creative, we can take the all the logistical headaches that surround the event off your plate as well. This can include security, permitting, ensuring appropriate insurance certificates are in place and even storing items after the event for reuse if you choose.

Expanded Contact Bases

Event production services rely on a wide assortment of industry professionals, from DJs to caterers to decorators. Production companies like ours have access to a wide array of industry experts who are valuable to making any and all of your events successful. Working with various professionals is essential; when you hire an event production company, you’ll make connections you didn’t have before.

Risk Management Done Right

Even when every little detail has been planned properly, there is always a chance that something will go wrong. If your event goes awry, an event planning company will know exactly how to deal with it.

This is because the best companies have had to deal with event-related situations in the past and know the best ways to counteract any potential disasters. Their experience makes them able to dissolve inconveniences efficiently and effectively, mitigating disasters better than anyone.

Improved Guest Satisfaction

When you have a cohort of professional event producers on your team, you’ll get what you ask for! The satisfaction of your attendees is of the utmost importance, and when you rely on professionals who organize these events for a living, your guests will see the results.

Expert Budgeting

It makes sense to say that when planning an event, the budget is extremely important. However, it can be difficult to accurately allocate the budget to various parts of the event.When you hire an event production company, you’ll be able to get more bang for your buck because they know what their clients want and are experts at budgeting accordingly. This enables production companies to deliver the best event possible while staying within the spending limit.

Whether it’s an awards ceremony, corporate conference, staffing seminar, non-profit fundraiser, or company holiday party, we’ll bring creativity to and beyond your vision. It’s all about creating emotional connections and compelling moments, and at Ray Bloch Productions, we are first in class every time.

Why Trust Us as Your Event Entertainment Company?

We’re so much more than just an event entertainment company! As an event and production company that has served the needs of NYC for 70 years, Ray Bloch Productions has earned a reputation for pulling events together for every budget, every need, and every purpose.We’re an honest and trustworthy group of professionals who value transparency and know our clients do, too. This transparency is crucial for every productive business relationship to thrive.

Clients’ desires are often bigger than their budgets, and it requires genuine masters of the industry to successfully help clients determine the best use of their resources. Our team is reliable and consistent, delivering real moments through events of all scopes.

You’ll alleviate stress and gain time when you count on Ray Bloch Productions for your events. Our services are completely customizable to tailor every aspect of your event to you.

If you can imagine it, we can get it done! We can bring every detail to life and elevate your original ideas, delivering an event that’s nothing less than spectacular.

Reach Out to Us at Ray Bloch Productions

Some of our new clients tell us that they searched for “event production companies near me” for hours and couldn’t be more thrilled that they found us when they did. Our repeat clients tell us they don’t even search for another event production company; they come straight to us for every one of their events.

No event is too big or too small, and after 70 years of serving New York, we’ve garnered expertise in event planning for every industry and niche, from media and publishing to pharma, finance, and non-profits.

As an experiential agency, we have pioneered the event planning industry and continue to lead it, delivering a positive impact for our clients’ audiences again and again. Get in touch with us today to let us help you turn your vision into an inspirational experience your audience won’t ever forget.