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Registration Management

A well-attended conference starts with a registration system that’s simple and easy to use. Our corporate event production company will provide that system for you. We offer straightforward registration forms that are easy for attendees to access, as well as a secure means of payment processing.

Environmental/Scenic Design and Production

Creative and attractive environmental/scenic design can elevate your conference and create a memorable experience for everyone in attendance. When done right, scenic can be a fantastic tool to show off your organization’s culture, values, and sense of style in new and compelling ways.

Our corporate event production company prides itself on our creative approach to scenic design and our services cover all aspects of design and production. We specialize in working with you to bring your vision to life, and then taking that vision to the next level — to places you never imagined.

Media Design and Production

In this digital age, when we have unlimited content at our fingertips, captivating a modern audience requires much more than attractive scenery. If you want your conference to be memorable and engaging, you’ll need to create narrative-driven media that connects your attendees to the heart of your organization.

Our corporate event production company can work with you to produce engaging, professional quality media of all kinds that will help you meet your goal of driving your message home.

Technical Production

An expertly executed conference should go off seamlessly and appear to flow effortlessly, and a lot of work goes into pulling that off. There are quite a few tricky elements that have to fall into place perfectly, including the following:

  • Lighting and rigging
  • Video screens
  • Projectors
  • Any power needs

Technicians and operators need to plan, prepare, and carefully handle all these considerations and more in order for your conference to go off without a hitch. We know the best people in the business for all things tech, so we can cover all of that for you.

Talent Handling

Keynote speakers and other talented individuals can make a conference meaningful by bringing their insight, information, and entertainment. Our corporate event production services cover all aspects of talent handling, bringing in your guests of honor and providing them with everything they need to elevate your event.

Catering and Decor Management

Even the most spectacular conference can fall flat if the attendees are not well-fed, and there’s more that goes into excellent catering than just providing fantastic food. We’ve worked with countless independent caterers, and those supplied by the venues themselves, so our corporate event production company will take care of all your catering needs.

We’ll also cover all aspects of decor management. We bring together everything outside the food itself that will make it a meal to remember.

Marketing and Audience Acquisition

At the end of the day, a conference is about uniting like-minded people, which is not always easy in a world that’s full of other options. To make sure that your seats are filled with the audience you’re looking for, you need proper marketing and a team of professionals who know how to handle all aspects of audience acquisition. We can provide that for you.

Sponsorship Sales Support

Another way that your conference brings both your industry and the people in it together is by partnering with sponsors. Sponsorships can help fund your conference while also connecting your partners with your organization, your industry, and all of your guests. We can help you acquire those partners by covering all aspects of sponsorship sales.

Why Us?

When you work with Ray Bloch Productions, you’re getting 70 years of experience in the live event industry. We’re by far the longest-standing independently owned event production company in America, and our portfolio speaks for itself.

We can help you to create an impactful, meaningful, unforgettable event that connects you with your industry and leaves a lasting impression on all in attendance.  

Make Ray Bloch Productions a Partner in Your Next Conference

If you’re interested in working with us to bring your conferences to the next level, give us a call. Whether your event is in a couple months or just a hypothetical, we would love to hear from you.