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Our Work — Your Event Production Company and Experiential Agency in NYC

We are renowned for our creativity, transparency, personal service, and unwavering stewardship of our clients’ budgets. Our team is full of experienced professionals with expertise in every aspect of live event production, from catering and decor management to talent handling and audience acquisition.

At Ray Bloch Productions, we’re dedicated to being a corporate event production company that does more than just put on events — we create experiences. Not every company can do that. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals, then develop a custom plan to achieve them.

Our clients enjoy 100% transparency with everything we do for their events, and we provide ongoing support throughout the event planning process. Ultimately, this allows our clients to relax and enjoy their events as we fuse creativity with event goals.

If you’re looking for a full-service live event production company to help you create a memorable, successful event in NYC, Ray Bloch Productions is a perfect choice.

Our Services: What We Can Do for You

We do more than just set up a party or presentation. We can do anything and everything needed to bring your event to life. Not only do we have a strong team of talented, knowledgeable professionals, but we also have a vast network of vendors and suppliers. This allows us to source the best possible services, talent, products, and services for your events.

Our corporate event production company is often thought of as more of an experiential agency — with good reason! Some of the services we provide fall under four broad umbrella categories:

  • Corporate meetings
  • Conferences
  • Upfronts and newfronts
  • Experiential marketing

Whether you have a hundred ideas in your head about how you want your event to go or you have no clue where to even begin, don’t stress! When you work with our team at Ray Bloch Productions, you can rest assured that everything — and we mean everything — is being taken care of.

Corporate Meetings

Planning a corporate meeting is a complex process. To elevate that planning and turn it into a memorable experience is a multifaceted undertaking! It requires enormous planning, communication, and coordination to make everything work seamlessly for an event.

Our corporate meeting planning includes a variety of services for professionals, including:

  • Event conception and scripting
  • Media design and production
  • Environmental/scenic design and production
  • Talent consultation, booking, and production
  • Technical production
  • Catering and decor management

For your event to succeed, many elements must be considered, from the event’s purpose and goals to the venue, entertainment, and catering. And Ray Bloch Productions can handle it all for you.

Event conception and scripting is the process of creating the overall concept for the event and developing a detailed plan (“script”) that outlines the event’s content and flow. Media design and production include creating all of the visual elements for your event, including videos, graphics, and presentations.

Environmental/scenic design and production include setting up the event space and creating any props needed. The environment must be conducive to the event’s purpose and goals while creating a positive atmosphere for attendees.

Talent consultation, booking, and production is finding the right talent for your event, booking them, and coordinating their travel and accommodations. We’ve booked artists like Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick, Jr., Ludacris, and Jon Stewart, and speakers like George W. and Laura Bush, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, and many others.

Technical production ensures there are no technical difficulties during your event and includes setting up and operating all audio, visual, and lighting equipment.

Catering and decor management include choosing the right food and beverages for the event and designing and setting up the decor.


Our event production company excels at planning conferences. We offer comprehensive services to help your organization plan and execute successful conferences that will leave a lasting impression on your attendees. Our conference planning services include a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Registration management: Setting up a registration website, processing registrations, and managing attendee lists
  • Environmental/scenic design and production: Designing and setting up the conference space and creating any props needed
  • Media design and production: Creating all of the visual elements for the conference
  • Technical production: Setting up and operating the lighting, visual, and audio equipment
  • Talent handling: Finding the right talent, booking them, and coordinating travel and accommodations for them
  • Catering and decor management: Choosing the right refreshments for the conference and setting up decor
  • Marketing and audience acquisition: Promoting the conference to potential guests and acquiring registrations
  • Sponsorship sales support: Identifying and securing sponsors for the conference

As you can see, when we say that Ray Bloch Productions is an experiential agency that can handle everything for you, we mean everything. Leave it to the pros and enjoy your event.

Upfronts and Newfronts

These events are annual occasions when media companies showcase their upcoming advertising opportunities and programming to potential buyers. The live event production company you hire can greatly impact the success of these events.

Just as with the other types of events and services we handle, with upfronts and newfronts, Ray Bloch Productions can handle tasks like:

  • Event conception and scripting
  • Media design and production
  • Environmental/scenic design and production
  • Talent consultation, booking, and production
  • Technical production

Our team can start with event conception and scripting, which is developing the overall concept and detailed script that outlines the event. We can create all the visual elements for your upfronts or newfronts, including presentations, videos, and graphics.

Our environmental/scenic design and production professionals know just how to make your event memorable. We design and set up an event space that creates an engaging atmosphere for your guests.

We can also find the right talent, book them, and arrange their travel and accommodations. Technical production is essential for a successful event, but you don’t have to worry about any of it when you work with us at Ray Bloch Productions. We’ll handle all the audio, visual, and lighting equipment.


Creating immersive brand experiences requires professionals who excel at thinking outside the box. Our experiential agency experts know just how to help you connect to your audience members on a deep level and leave a lasting impression. We do this by handling every aspect of an experiential event, including:

  • Concept and scripting: Outlining the flow of the experiences
  • Media design and production: Creating visually appealing, high-quality videos and graphics for the event
  • Environmental/scenic design: Designing, procuring, and setting up props, scenery, and visuals in the event space
  • Technical production: Operating all of the equipment needed to make your event a success
  • Permitting: Taking care of all local and city permits required for your event

If you’re looking for a corporate event production company with experience, history, reputation, and professionals that will make every event a success, your search ends with Ray Bloch Productions.

Why Count on Ray Bloch Productions for Corporate Event Planning?

When you call on us to handle your event, you’ll save tons of time, effort, and resources. Planning an event is incredibly time-consuming and labor-intensive, and we know you have other important things to do. We’ll take care of everything.

Our teams have the knowledge, respect, courtesy, and experience to plan and execute a memorable event, regardless of what it entails. We not only plan and set everything up, but we also identify and address potential problems to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

If you’re ready to discuss how we can help you pull off the event of a lifetime, reach out to our passionate, compassionate team. We’d love to help make your corporate event a monumental, inspirational experience that your attendees will never forget. Contact us today to learn more!